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Whispers in the Smoke : A journey beyond thee veil

In the early 2000s, I stumbled upon a remarkable personal discovery—an evolution in my life that presented itself as the ability to communicate with smoke. Yes, smoke. As incredulous as it may sound, this experience unfolded during a moment of deep, trance-like meditation while I was lying down, smoking, and gazing at the ceiling.

Thee smoke began to move in ways that were profound & to my astonishment, understandable to me. This newfound connection seemed to energize the smoke, encouraging it to form shapes & symbols in response to my comprehension.

At first, thee appearance of these shapes & symbols could have been dismissed as mere hallucinations. However, what truly captivated me was my recognition of these symbols. While the rational, human part of me was unfamiliar with their designs, an intuitive, deeper part of me recognized their meanings.

Hurriedly, I began to document these symbols, noting that many resembled runes I had doodled in my childhood. Others were entirely new to me in this lifetime, forming letters and conveying messages through a language that resonated within me on an intuitive level.

This initial encounter propelled me into a journey of research & discovery. I found that all thee symbols I had seen held significant meanings, leading me down a fascinating path of personal growth, trust in my journey & deeper reliance on my intuitive insights.

This experience underscored my belief that there is far more to life than what is conventionally accepted or instilled in us through societal conditioning.

From as early as two or three years old, I've had spiritual & evolutionary moments that have profoundly shaped my path, setting me apart from those around me.

During my early schooling, I would occasionally share these experiences with trusted friends, only to find that none could relate to what I described. This sense of being different has persisted into adulthood, although I'm aware that many people are beginning to explore similar realms.

It's said that those whom encounter magic or otherworldly phenomena often keep such experiences to themselves, a practice I adopted by high school due to thee odd looks & energies I encountered when attempting to share. Yet, anyone whom has known me across thee span of my life can attest to my enduring fascination with all things mystical & spiritual.

To my fellow smoke whisperers, I encourage you to continue exploring thee unseen realms that exist within & around us, in thee space where nothingness intertwines with everything. Our journey through these mysterious realms is a testament to thee boundless potential of the human spirit & the intricate connections between all forms of existence.

To encapsulate thee essence of this journey, let me leave you with a quote that resonates with the heart of this experience: "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." - Socrates.

This acknowledgment of thee vast unknown serves as a humble reminder of thee endless possibilities that lie within thee realms of our understanding & beyond.

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