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Protection & Prosperity Spell with Sacred Herbs

Updated: Feb 4

 Protection and Prosperity Spell with Sacred Herbs

Standing in thee day's bright light,  

Grasping nature's bounty, oh so tight.  

Roots that ground & leaves that heal,  

A mix of thee earth's bounty, that I now seal.

Around me, a circle of protection I draw,  

Against darkness & flaw, a protective shawl.  

Thee earth's roots, my steadfast guide,  

Banishing negativity, far & wide.

Thee purifying smoke, a cleansing breath,  

Clears thee space, from corner to breadth.  

It rises & swirls, taking woes afar,  

Leaving behind peace, a healing scar.

Guardians of health, in this blend entwined,  

Wrap me in wellness, with your power combined.  

An ancient shield, from nature's own hand,  

Ensuring my spirit, strong & grand.

Leaves of courage, in this mix do weave,  

A tapestry of power, I hereby conceive.  

Prosperity's call, from thee heart declared,  

Bringing forth abundance, openly shared.

With these sacred herbs, their magic I weave,  

A spell for protection & gain, I believe.  

With harm to none, as I decree,  

So mote it be, so it shall be.

Affirmation for Daily Invocation: 

Surrounded by protection, prosperity I claim,  

In daylight or darkness, my spirit's thee same.  

With thee earth's allies, strong & true,  

Abundance & safety, in all that I do.

So mote it be so more it be C’est la vie 

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