What is Channeling ?

All of my channeling messages are timeless. When you receive them it’s because you were meant to receive them whenever you receive them all.

Divine right timing is at play here & whenever you receive these messages, KNOW that everything happens for a reason & symbolic is our season. Be open to your gift of reasons. It’s epiphany season & Healing is this bridge of life that exist here & your alignment is influenced by these waves created on this stage for Alchemy reasons motivating you to Master your Reign of living by radiating and living in servitude to your own Wholeness vibes & frequency feels.

It is about you FEELING your BEST ALWAYS! That is how you should FEEL too. This world can truly work us all into an early grave & zombie like vibes. It will only happen if we allow the succubi energy to dry influence our feels creating mundane Like behaviors.

Well that sure won’t happen to you especially if you’re reading here.

Beautiful Soul, Congratulations!

So what do I mean by channeled messages when I share them on this blog platform?

so here is the best way I can describe what is happening during the time I am communing with the divine & Channeling messages through my writing which are freestyle and flowing. It’s all energies flowing that are picked up from all around - these invisible streams of connectivity - everything exists all at once whether we connect to it or not. Channeling is that stream of conscious Choosing to be inactive - sort of like deactivating and instead becoming a filtered stream of language / song / words that decode the encodes received that connect with my frequency & vibration.

There is a surrender to the process that naturally Takes place to the nothingness that must transpire between the outer layers of outer space that conveys it’s story in some kind of way that makes its way thru my direct dial up to source. Then my unique self takes what I receive and conveys The message on some form to be seen. Tangible the conduit makes ethereal things known. It’s a channel of communion that requires my complete silence & departure from its experience.

I become this conduit of expression of life force that is more than the me that I see.

Writing is one of my own many ways I choose to display what I receive During the channeling. Not everyone likes to read & not everyone likes to write. That’s not my issue to concern myself with - my mission is to share what I receive. Those meant to receive - will !

Channeling requires me to surrender & not think for myself - it doesn’t mean you are absent from what is occurring. in Channeling I do not entertain the streams of information being received at the time of receipt - Transcribing is whats to be released through me. View the stream & compute it & do Not stop until it’s complete.

Do you see the complexities and simplicities channeling brings up ?

There is no cost to channel except your time which is Your abundance & currency. Channeling may seem free but it can be taxing on your energetic levels if you do not ground and channel responsibly. How the channeling is perceived by those Whom channel will be different for all. Sometimes it’s like watching tv for me or having headphones in my ears or like downloading a file with a memory card and receiving the download all at once - making the information known Instantly. Inner knowing. This all happens instant & the visions received are clear.

One of my natural ways to channel is thru my writing. This kind of channeling is known as “automatic writing.“ You can look it up if you desire to learn more about channeling messages via the writing channel.

There are plenty of ways to channel and maybe you do it too and don’t even realize. It’s time to learn and discover your channeling and dial up to source With your Magician like energies. it’s never to late to learn - maybe you are now beginning to realize all of your own potential and you’re wanting to learn more and grow more with your own gifts.

I have special plans that offer you Various options on how you can receive one on one Intuitive Guidance, Coaching, Energy Work or even energy body Work from me. It’s all a matter on how much you are willing to invest in yourself and Your own evolution. You can choose To work one on one with Me or you can take advantage of being a part of all my social media Healing platforms that offer tons of FREE guidance and material. The choice is always yours and the options are available to you when you’re ready & if you want them.

HEALING vibes are always FREE on my Channels. There is no on and off switch for HEALING. Any contact with me is a healing experience for YOU.

This is a good space to be in to align & access your fullest potential with divine alchemy.

Hopefully my written explanation of channeling made some level of sense to you. If not, what can I do ? You should always go research for yourself cause that is the best knowledge you can ever find - the one that you create for yourself in your own life.

Ask yourself what does your experience feel like for you & determine for yourself what this NOW moment for you right now means.

I can always only share with you my perception of life through the lens and level of my own experiences that have provided me insight to many case studies of my own.

We are constantly healing and regenerating & if not, then we are resisting & creating extra challenges for ourselves. Let’s not be so self sabotaging anymore or destructive.

let’s wisely explore our how to guidance With our human selves without destroying our galactic core systems.

Take whatever resonance you find on here & revolutionize it even more so with your expansive wisdom & May what you receive BENEFIT you in miraculous ways. May you always participate in your own rEvolution & ALIGN with your shrine Glorified.

Maybe you’re a writer too

Here is something You can try to do and see how it feels for you

What messages are you receiving ?

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