Update On Members Only Videos

Please be advised that Just because you may have worked with me on here or somehow signed up to RECEIVE emails from me - that does NOT mean you are an ACTIVE ENCHANTING SOUL MEMBER on this site. If you are NOT sure if you are a MEMBER or not and want to CONFIRM - please do kindly send me a direct message and I will happily advise you about your CURRENT STATUS!

If you feel you are already a member and you did NOT receive the PRIVATE video LINK to your PERSONAL NEW MOON message oracle - then please do send me a message so that I can square it all away and send you your VIDEO immediately.

Also, when you do SIGN UP to join and become a MEMBER which is FREE btw - you will RECEIVE from me in all divine right timing your PERSONAL WEALTH CODE oracle that will be gifted to you as a THANK YOU from me in joining me here. If you are already a member and you have NOT received your very own PERSONAL WEALTH CODE oracle message, kindly send me a direct message so that I may send you yours right away. My apologies to you if that is thee case - I too am fairly NEW on this platform and I am a ONE GODDESS team running every show and platform that I am on & do my BEST to be as efficient as possible. Perfect I am not, and BUSY QUEEN BEE, I sure am!

If you have any other inquiries for me please Feel FREE to direct message me so that I may be of QUANTUM service to you. I truly VALUE your time, kindness and support. You truly are DIVINE.

Till next time my Beautiful SOul LOVERS

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