Have you looked up at the night sky as of late? Isn't she lovely? Welcome to what is being called thee Corn FULL MOON. In Western Astrology it is now under the sign of Pisces (water / emotional) and in Vedic astrology it is under Aquarius (air / mental). Thee Pisces Full Moon is POWERFUL and it can very well be triggering in thee EMOTIONAL realm. . As thee 12th and final sign of the zodiac, it carries with it thee HEALING POTENTIAL that has been reached & needed by each other zodiac sign asking for PISCES to now harmonize thee entire evolution together. Pisces is to take each of our learnings and combine it all together and REVOLUTIONIZE this evolution in such a massive mind, body, heart & soul way.

As with any FULL MOON, it highlights for us many things that were previously hidden. Certain areas of our life are being brought to thee surface and it is exposing many secrets and truth that are meant to bring us further into alignment. . If you are on thee righteous path of SELF DISCOVERY & EVOLUTION - then this also means that there are various HIDDEN POWERS (your Knowledge is POWERFUL) that are being re-DISCOVERED or UNCOVERED by you and it may be quite a lot for you to handle all about YOURSELF! Know that I am here for you. Any questions you have in regards to thee surrounding energies influencing your life - please feel free to comment on any post you want to open up dialogue on.

Pisces right now is forming a collaborative sextile aspect with thee planet JUPITER ( planet of expansion) whom is currently influenced by thee sign of Capricorn & it brings together this ideal commitment, This dreamy conjoining of energetic forces ENCOURAGES us to EXPLORE our CREATIVITY to thee max due to these energies being in harmony with one another making its vibrations and frequencies one that is clear and peaceful committed to finishing its cycle of creation from start to finish. These harmonizing frequencies are favorable seeds of energy extremely potent right now & all knowledge is being shared with those awakened enough to explore and available to those whom desire to evolve in such profound ways.

What is thee akashic record / library ? Is it not another energy portal of existence storing all of our energetically encoded experiences that get etched into the ethers and accessible to those open enough to receive its information? This is a fantastic mystery topic that peeks my own interest - and I only pose questions designed to awaken all of our senses even more so we may truly uncover thee wonders of this marvelous multidimensional realm of perceived existence we believe ourselves to be a part of in some way.

Either way, whatever thee case may be, these energies are at play universally and you have a conscious choice to make in regards to which level of involvement & intent do you desire and want to participate with in regards to your own marinations, manifestations and creations.

Personally, I am loving thee opportunities I am being afforded to get my alignment beautiful with thee loving encouragement and divine influence from all of these energies existing that I as an Empath intuitively feel.

What are your plans, goals and dreams?

You are POWERFUL do you know this ? Allow thee moon to shine these hidden gems of dna molecular download that is your hidden reign of MAJESTY you Store and keep. You have this within you so deep - it is time for you to RISE in your alignment of truth that is your absolute KNOW & own your own show as you continue to rightfully GLOW.

Let your consciousness be your wave of intuit guide to lead you wise through these challenging times that are aligning you just fine. You are more equipped than you think yourself to be - you are intelligent wouldn’t you agree ?

Please REMEMBER how far you have come up until this point & really see how far and expansive your TRUE PROGRESS has been made - thee LEVEL UPS that have occurred with you are rather phenomenally remarkable. So give yourself much more needed credit - because you DESERVE It! No matter where you believe you are to be at this point of thee game - You are wonderfully exactly where you need to be at this time - and in acknowledgement of everything you are - allow yourself this time to take in all your GREATNESS & STRENGTH already PROVEN! For you are still here , are you not?

We can tap in deepest & farthest into our subconscious layers and reveal our TRUTH into ourselves allowing for this truth to align with our mind, body, heart & soul resonance that gifts thee willpower to act in accordance to this divine wisdom being intuitively received,

Welcome to thee REVELATION gifted here through poetic song birthing freedom in our ABUNDANCE that is our alignment and SUCCESS in evolving manifestations.

What are you mind, body, heart & soul passionate about at this time ? What brings you to life? What is your heart asking you to have ? What do you resist in surrender that is aching to be expressed and acknowledged? What do you need to break free from that traps in you in some kind of illusion of distorted truth that truly is just a lie? Where is thee prison of your mind traveling you to at this time? What level of self sabotage are you on that creates for you moments of bizarre behavior that is far from your alignment and truth and compels you to behave opposite from your own truth ? What keeps you from reaching your greatest potential?

You do not need permission to live for yourself! Whom are you living for if it not you ? Whose truth that is not yours became your truth just because of their status and position in your life? Thee important part is that you know truth of these answers for yourself.

In Vedic astrology this FULL MOON falls under thee sign of Aquarius & interesting enough thee depiction of Aquarius, being that of thee water bearer, speaks volumes to this energetic dance thee astros have for us on these lands. .

Typically not everyone combines thee knowledge of both Eastern & Western astrology together, but Know that I do. If that is not something you can grasp in concept it is totally ok - I do not live conventionally anyways. You are free to decide for yourself. Take what resonates and let thee rest go. Conditioning has people feeling the need to CHOOSE. People think they must pick one belief system over thee other in order for the knowledge shared to be valid. I believe this limited box view promotes limitations. . Meanwhile, all that one needs to do is take in all thee information being presented and apply through personal resonance what is factual, actual and practical?

But back to thee zodiac sign of thee fabulous Aquarius, thee Water Bearer. The water bearer is depicted as a man/woman distributing water from a cup and pouring this water onto thee Earth. Take this depiction in & visualize this for a long meditative moment & allow it to penetrate your entire mind, body, heart and souls evolution. Both Pisces & Aquarius joining forces Together being asked to harmonize the energies of all that is received from all thee signs previous to theirs & unify it in a NEW WAY that is UNIQUE. Pisces puts together thee emotional dreamy elements and parts learning to handle her business from this emotional perspective / oceanic waters - she then passed it back to her Energetic Brother Aquarius to use his airy gift and visions to now spread unto these lands!

This is thee part of our EVOLUTION that varies for each of us - the seeds being unified and spread. We are each discovering and uncovering our own journey And learning to unify best we can.

Combine these two astrological energies together as major influence & we are awakening to a FRESH NEW START. WELCOME to our fresh new start - do we grab it by thee reigns & proceed with wisdom having learned from thee past? or do we Cycle thee same patterns, lessons, people, mindsets, actions, etc into constant cycling of an experience ?

Astrologically, many planets are in retrograde allowing for many sectors of our lives to be under microscopic evaluation for our preparedness in allowing our TRANSMUTATION to be successful with its ELEVATIONS & TRANSFORMATIONS.

How many are honestly doing thee work? In whatever capacity that you apply to your foundations will be where these cycles of TRANSFORMATIONS will be shown to you. Learn your birthchart best.

On this soulful journey of ours one of thee things we must learn to MASTER is our ability to emotionally detach from any circumstance and observe our surroundings with such keen observation skills - that we allow for infusions existing within ourselves to emerge and showcase themselves to ourselves - allowing for divine intimacy and communication to occur and wisdom to lead thee way.

No more pussyfooting with ourselves and let us be as honest as ever so we most certainly can WIN for ourselves what we want and deserve to receive. Be aware especially of your own triggers and bullshit & nip It in thee butt. Any reasons we find that cause us not to be in alignment with our levelings and accountabilities must be addressed & handled.

Spirit does not play in this arena and will find a way to get your attention in whichever which way that will be AWAKENING within you your attention in order to TEACH you to wise up and act in accordance to your HIGHEST & GREATEST potential for all good reasons that are in absolute SERVICE and SURRENDER to thee whole.

Yea I know, sounds like huge shoes to fill. No one is asking you to be perfect, only wise - because it is needed at this time. There is enough stupid people walking this earth just acting parts of roles they were assigned to play from some outside third party interference source that only serves their own agendas. Which part of thee masses are you tied to in regards to whom you portray yourself to be in thee Earth 3D?

Rhetoracles are always these divine channeling messages of mine. All of my writings on here are FREESTYLE and flowGASMIC - alchemized to stir your mind, body, heart and soul into full alchemy - that serves you WONDERFULLY.

With Pisces & Aquarius teaming up - these quirky characters are giggling along thee way & adding NEW SPICES to thee Creators palette of CREATIVE EXPRESSIONS.

Creativity is at a ALL TIME HIGH.

Tune into thee fantasies of YOU (tap inside of your mind - what stories are bursting to LIGHT - please feel free to gift them to thee world with your gifts of sight - and set them FREE into thee wild.

What part of you is asking to be RELEASED / SHARED / EXPLORED / these energies are expressive and GRANDPA JUPITER is also assisting this sextile aspect of a process at this time & committed with CAPRICORNs energy of stability and SUCCESS he is on a roll.

We have POWERFUL energies swirling in our stratosphere atmosphere - asking you to become most AWARE of it so that you may tap into thee immense BENEFITS of such energies our universe brings to thee table.

What kind of ALCHEMIST are YOU? What is cooking within your internal astrological placements that DESERVE to be acknowledged?

Pisces thee 3rd and final water sign of thee zodiac whom embodies every sign before it in an all encompassing way - finds thee ability to harmonize thee emotional waters of all these elementals that proceeded she - and mixing all thee batches as one - she trust in the visions of her Brother in spirit - thee Water Bearer, the third and final air sign Aquarius, to take these harmonized elements, and with his vision, spread his seeds and water these NEW LANDS because here is his vision that is unique and heavenly POWERFUL.

Think about it - what have you evolved on in mind, body, heart and soul that is now being asked to be applied / seeded / breeding what you have learned / evolved into new light ? What NEW that is UNIQUE just like Pisces and Aquarius, that is your CONTRIBUTION at this time to birth into LIGHT ? GIFTS that are yours to share once you ACKNOWLEDGE that they are there - and thee only way is for you to bring forth thee vision of LIGHT that is your element of HONOR to share with thee world?

Thee full moon is considered to be thee most powerful of lunar phases in our 3D perceived reality. Thee moons reinvigorating energy is a delight to our senses energizing ALL to glow while illuminating ones transformation. Thee moon always reveals unto us that which was hidden from our sight. We ground in full moon energy - but when we do - let us ground in TRUTH. We discover truth by asking questions and discovering answers.

Knock and thee door shall open - ask and ye shall receive. Whatever you have began when the SUN and MOON danced together during thee NEW MOON has now reached momentum and a spiritual & energetic pinnacle of this creation is made MANIFEST. As thee moon waxes (increasing towards full LIGHT of illumination) our ENERGIES BUILD as we collect information (downloads of divine inner sight and wisdom - prayer divine) Waxing moons represent FORWARD MOVING Energy and building of momentum that is NEEDED and DESIRED when we are BUILDING things and working towards goals while bringing thee first phases of anything we started into masterful fruition.

Once a full moon is here (it has arrived) and the waning process begins (decreasing) moon phase has now begun. As thee moon wanes & thee light starts to dwindle, we can NOW RELEASE what is NO LONGER WORKING for us (LETTING GO) Letting go what does not serve us will always be what is best for us in the longrun. Thee Full moon is an excellent time to REFLECT on all that is being built while releasing all that does not work.


MOON BENEFITTED YOU ? Please do share ❤️

PLEAAE be advised I am on holiday and all messages and services are postponed / delayed. I’ve decided to enjoy myself and take a much needed rest.

Sending you all massive waves of healing love. Till we speak again. stay tuned I will be creating a video for you all very soon.

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