Thee Delphic Oracle of Dreams


Please Write down your Dreams it is a NOW MOST potent and powerful time !!

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My Dream

Delphic Delphic  Walking through this hall 

Was I

In this This grand hall 

or was

i thee grand hall

Dreams expand in innerstand when we try to make comprehend of this and that Lit by these lights 

was this tunnel Delphic Delphic I hear thee calling  It’s like a crescendo of echos  I hear thee calling  I see no one there  But I feel thee presence of  Thee almighty High 


everywhere I belong here in this space  I know this space 

multidimensional is our reality I know where I am walking to in this great big hall 

Delphic Delphic  I hear it again 

Delphic RISE  it was such a powerful call  I awoke from my slumber  Repeating this word  DelFic  Immediately I go to google  And I am met with  DELPHIC Oracle  and then I see on YoUTuBE Thee Professional High Priestess’ posting

Please be advised that this above image is NOT mine I took a screen shot immediately because it all felt relevant. This photo credit belongs to THE PROFESSIONAL HIGH PRIESTESS on YouTube. So then I looked up the Sybils (and just an insider note - growing up I was fascinated by multiple personalities / dissociative identity disorder (d.i.d) due to my own levels of voices I hear speak / soul deep / into thee ethers. Early on before thee age of 10 I was channeling my friends. So I was mystified by thee psychology of I - and so from an early age I have been scientifically / metaphysically studying myself and all thee esoteric / extra sensory phenomena’s that constantly occurred in and around me. So “Sybil”  was one of my favorite books and years later “When Rabbit Howls”   ... Sybil the voices of God so one may say - the Sybils were the 9 Prophetesses from an Ancient time Said to be mythological time. Anyways this DREAM awakening thee eye within I much more further this time. 

Research is an all time favorite pass thee time with kind of thing I do love to do.

Brother Bear does not call me Snoopy for no reason. Tis thee season. 😏 What I did Learn was that The Delphic is thee place where thee Oracles were once known to prophesies. All of this inside of my dream state activity and the lucid part of me knowing this all has greater meaning grander than thee I that sees all can’t see all in this moment. These Akashi stories presenting themselves to me In this dream state. I’ve always been fascinated with my dreams. It seems I was blocked for years from experiencing them when I fell off my own alignment. It feels good to engage in this lucid for me environment.

Thee urgency of thee call when Delphic was summoned instantly caused me to awake from my sleep on this day having me feeling like I was in such a weird space - but clear I was made to feel inside & no longer feeling out of place In this align of life.  

Justice is here

for you that desires it too. BELIEVE this to be your truth. For so long justice has lay dormant and now thee portal has opened.

WHAT JUSTICE SPEAKS TO YOU ABOUT IN YOUR LIFE ? what would you desire to be made right ? Intentional and clear you must SPEAK!




Your words are spells creating your alchemy - and hopefully it is your harmony.

Know there are changes transforming at this divine time and it is happening all around & the time has come where thee veils of Shadow & Light are unifying their infusing creating New Beginnings for us all.

Lions gate portal of remembrance emerging into existence  All blockages lifted to those whom are ready now  There is this place of a space existing with grace that supersedes anything thee humans believe they know.  Justice is here after all The Sistar Prophets uniting on these lands - write down your dreams my friends - you will be receiving messages that will make sense only to you if you desire to decipher it’s meaning - there is multidimensional meaning  that will be cosmically revealing and delicious to you because if you’re open to receive (PROFESS thee opening to your RECEIVE outloud) there are no more blockages or fuckeries sent to thee no longer concealing the misdeeds of any and all that are not in servitude of the greater whole. Everyone else with their fkshit waves have lots of accountability to be held accountable for - thee portal door of justice is open.  Some more interesting articles found on thee Ancient Oracles for you to learn more about 🧿 What Powerful dreams do you have that you may need help analyzing ? I am interested in what you have to share. Share your dreams in thee comments & let us EXPLORE these dream phenomenas some more.

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