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​ The Art of Scripting: A Tale of Personal Transformation and Cosmic Alignment

 The Art of Scripting: A Tale of Personal Transformation and Cosmic Alignment

Scripting, a practice deeply rooted in the laws of attraction & the universal rhythms, stands as a POWERFUL tool for decreeing & manifestation. Let me share with you a little bit about my own personal journal & latest scripting fun. 

Embarking on a Scripting Journey:

My journey with scripting began in childhood of course I would have a natural inclination to document dreams, aspirations, my life, my poetry, music + so much more. I am after all a writer scribe bursting to life in this new light.  Little did I know that this early exploration of writing my life alive was  unknowingly aligning me with thee universe's flow. Which only shows, our intuition we should trust as it leads the way.  Thee true depth of this practice ingrained within my being. I am grateful for its teaching, for it was always freeing me. 

Flash forward to many moons of life lived I received a gift. Here in this video with all its crystallized beauty - this gift a special gift indeed- a handcrafted journal, made by a skilled artist. It’s a beauty, so you see !! Its parchment pages hold a promise of magic & infinite potential. A year or so has passed since I received this gift & it is now where my intuition has guided me to its destined purpose - a dedicated vessel for my scripting practice. 

I encourage you to find a beauty of a tool such as this that would motivate you to script too. It’s thee new year, let’s script together. 

The Power of Scripting:

You best believe that scripting  is an ancient art, that transcends all writing. For it is about casting desires into thee universe as if they've already come to fruition, aligning oneself with their inevitable manifestation. Do you see where I am going / growing with this ? This practice not only clarifies intentions but also strengthens belief in their fulfillment.

Thee Enchantment of my Parchment Paper:

Thee parchment paper in my journal, is magical. For parchment is historically revered for sacred texts it adds an element of ancient wisdom to my scripting. It is Believed to absorb & retain thee energies of written words & it enhances thee potency of my intentions. 

Crystal Grids: Synergy of Energies:

Surrounding this special journal is a crystal grid for it is meticulously arranged to amplify & direct thee energy of my scripting. This synergy of crystals creates a powerful vortex, elevating & broadcasting my intentions into thee universe.

Twin Flame Crystals: Bridging Realms:

Integral to my grid are twin flame crystals, symbolizing thee harmony of the subconscious & conscious minds. They facilitate a deep alignment of internal desires with active intentions, enriching my scripting process.

Do you have twin flame crystals that you can use for your scripting times ? 

Blue Topaz: A Beacon of Clarity: 

Blue Topaz, a key crystal in my grid, is revered for its spiritual benefits. For it enhances communication with divine  clarity which is crucial for articulating desires in any and all scripting. This beautiful gem aligns intentions with divine will, reinforcing thee manifestation process.

My scripting journey stems from my childhood pastime transformed into a focused spiritual practice & activates quantum transformation and evolution. I do believe from many past lifetimes I came into this world with intuitive  knowledge that the human curse was not able to erase.  

I am grateful for every gift bestowed unto me & I am grateful for  my special journal, with its ancient parchment pages that I have evermore activated with my  crystal grid, forging and strengthening my connection and communication with this now sacred tool in my life. 

For me its soul deep symbolizing thee union of personal growth & cosmic collaboration, illustrating thee profound impact of aligning my desires with  universal  energies.

Three Powerful Ways to Practice Scripting for Personal Manifestation

1. Visionary Scripting:

Visionary scripting involves writing down your future as you envision it, in vivid detail. Imagine your life exactly as you wish it to be, & script it into thee present tense. WRITE as if it's already happening!!!! This method is not just about listing your desires but about immersing yourself in thee entirety of its wonderful experience acting as if having achieved them. Describe your emotions, surroundings & thee impact of achieving your goals on your life. Thee KEY is to engage all your SENSES & EMOTIONS making the experience as real & tangible as possible in your mind, body, heart & soul. This technique helps YOU to align your subconscious mind with your aspirations, making them a natural part of your belief system.

2. Gratitude Scripting:

Gratitude is one of my favorite go to methods for living. Gratitude scripting focuses on thee power of thankfulness. Start by writing down things you are grateful for, including those you wish to manifest as if you already possess them. This simple approach is based on thee principle that expressing gratitude for what we have and what we wish to receive creates a positive cycle of abundance. It really works !!! All you have to do is acknowledge & appreciate your current BLESS UPS & those yet to come in doing so you foster a mindset of ABUNDANCE, which is essential for effective manifestation. Gratitude scripting is powerful because it shifts your focus from lack to abundance creating a fertile ground for your desires to take root & prosperously  grow.

3. Affirmation Scripting but DECREE IT SO it is: 

Affirmation scripting involves writing down positive affirmations that resonate with your goals & aspirations. You have to feel these affirmations. They must be true to you on energy, frequency and vibration. If not, don’t say it ! This one requires discernment. These affirmations must be decreed. You must mean what you say as you say it or its opposite will come true. Always be in the present tense & always  phrase positively, reinforcing your belief in your ability to achieve your dreams. 

For example, if you aspire to be successful in your career, you might write affirmations like, "I am a skilled and respected professional, making significant contributions in my field."  That sounds much better & reasonable than saying something like “I am a millionaire” and yet don’t even know what that being a millionaire feels like. You feel me ? The repetition of these affirmations reminds me of a prayer always being repeated. Some people say constantly reaffirm I say affirm & decree and set it free. Because if you keep saying it again and again it’s as if you don’t believe it yourself my friends. I know we have to reprogram our subconscious mind, but let’s Be gradual with our  replacing of doubts and fears & transforming them into truth with confidence & certainty. Regular practice of affirmations that are decrees  for scripting can be a powerful tool in shifting your mindset & propelling you towards your desired outcomes.

Scripting is a potent tool for personal manifestation, offering a unique way to align your thoughts & energies with your deepest desires. Whether through visionary scripting, gratitude scripting, or affirmation / decree scripting, each method empowers you to actively participate in creating the life you envision. By practicing these techniques regularly, you harness thee power of your intentions, transform your mindset, and open thee doors to abundant possibilities. Remember, thee act of scripting is more than writing words on a page - it's about setting your intentions into motion & watching the magic of manifestation unfold in your life.


Metaphorically ..




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