Soul Healing Wise

Thee time is here where things are being made clear by spirit my dears. Challenging can be these growing pains indeed but undeniably We are STRONGEST when we are mindful at best. It May feel like a test when we are being asked to take things much more further by putting in thee acts that are needed by us to get us to that next level we desire to inspire. It is by putting into ACTION thee acts we must take on our own behalf - it is how we push through thee threshold. This is our TRUTH!

Not everything that needs to be done by us is designed to be easy. Easy is thee conditioning bottle fed to you through conditioning that teaches you to conform to paradigms of reality that may or may not match your own design and true BLUEPRINT.

BELIEVE thee reward RECEIVED when you dare to push forward and BELIEVE in thee ability you have to BREED & SEED thee glorious example you most certainly are equipped to portray. YOU are WORTHY in every way. YOU are thee LIGHT.

Live in alignment of your own truth that is discovered existing within you & not everyone will support thee you that is emerging. Know these uncomfortable feelings will go away & you will rise in your magnificent reign - but you have to put to rest what no longer serves you! If you are struggling to fight thee resistance that naturally comes when you are pushing against the grain - know you are well on your way to obtain thee desires of your heart.

RELEASE what does not serve you. Have no fear my dears - it’s all part of thee illusion fed to keep you stagnant.

Sometimes it’s a person, place or thing Needing to be released and removed. But most times it’s our perceptions of these things we hold onto and this fixed view and mind set most likely has been conditioned into you too. If you can not change thee reality of something - maybe it is time to shift that perception Of yours. When you KNOW better, you do better & when you do BETTER, you shine Best!

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