Rise & Shine Beautiful Souls.

I had a dream that none could speak and it forced us all to relearn #Telepathy . Everytime one attempted to communicate other than #Telepathically there was an electric zap sent to their genitals that was not designed to be erotic In any kind of way but more to get thee attention of thee lesson that was needing to be made.

I woke up very intrigued by thee state of this dream to see the foundations of everything we thought communication to be - crumbling. Imagine that to actually be forced to have to inner listen deep just thee same as thee animal kingdom Surrounding us. How well would your communications and understanding of others be if you were no longer allowed to use words or any other type of communication device other than telepathy - how wonderful of a communicator would you be if this were to be thee case ? I am growing Curiouser & curiouser.

Anyways just wanted to share my dream on holiday these weeks & resting from all thee work I most definitely do & enjoying myself too. Love you ❤️

Remember to protect your energy fields because others do send that evil eye for real. They’re hate can’t penetrate when you’re aware and Handle with care. They can try but they only hurt themselves. Knowledge is your power house. God is your source. Namaste

Beautiful Swimsuit by @sheinofficial 🌈

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