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Riding the Wave of Desire: Staying True to Your Vibrational Frequency

Riding the Wave of Desire: Staying True to Your Vibrational Frequency

GRAND RISING, beautiful souls! Today, let's dive deepest seas into thee realm where our desires meet our vibrations. We often hear about buyer's remorse, but have you heard of desirer's remorse? This concept, ILLUMINATED by thee wisdom of Abraham-Hicks, speaks volumes about our internal spiritual journey & how this affects us. 

 "You have heard of buyer's remorse? It really could be more accurately called desirer's re-morse. Desirer's remorse is having a desire, but not maintaining the vibrational frequency of it. You are letting the reality that you are observing control your vibrational atmosphere, and therefore you are not staying up to speed with your own desire. Your desire isn't wrong. You didn't make a mistake. You just didn't stay up to speed with your desire."


Innerstanding Understanding Overstanding Desirer's Remorse

Desirer's remorse isn't about regretting what we want; no way ! It is about losing our alignment with thee vibration of our truest desires. When we let thee external world dictate our internal frequency, we drift away from our truest desires. This misalignment can & will lead US to FEEL this sense of loss & it is not because our desires are flawed, but because our vibrational frequency veered off course & became wishy washy. 

Wisdom in thee Waves of Desire

Our desires are like waves in thee ocean of our existence, each with its unique frequency & rhythm. To surf these waves successfully, we MUST tune into their vibration & harmonize with their intrinsic flow & this requires not just a moment of alignment but a CONSISTENT vibrational match.

Powerful Affirmation Decree

Every day, I consciously align my vibration with my deepest most truest desires. I am in harmony with my dreams & I trust thee universe to guide me towards their REALIZATION into ACTUALIZATION. My desires are my truth and I stay unwaveringly connected to their frequency.

A Simple Discipline to Achieve Vibrational Alignment 

One practical & super simple way to maintain alignment with our inner most truest desires is through our active participation with daily intention setting. EVERY GRAND RISING, take a few minutes to VISUALIZE your desires, wants, needs and goals. NOW, IMAGINE living in thee reality of your DESIRES, DREAMS,


FEEL thee emotions, SEE thee outcomes & BELIEVE in their manifestation. Doing this daily practice helps keep your VIBRATIONAL  FREQUENCY tapped in, turned on & tuned in with your desires, ensuring that your internal compass is always ACTIVATED & in complete alignment as it is pointing towards your dreams.

Remember, beautiful souls, your desires are not mistakes. They are thee TRUE NORTH of your beautiful soul's compass. By staying in this vibrational alignment with them, you are HONORING your DEEPEST of seas truths. So let USembrace our desires, align with their innergy, energy, frequency & vibrations & ride thee waves to our ENCHANTED life that is our colorful destiny.

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