Pride & Prejudice

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

If we can find a way to allow ourselves to let go of our incessant need to have to know thee absolute outcome of everything - we would infinitely evolve in our growing faith simply by surrendering our need to control (to have to know stems from this fear of something coming from a mindset of lack or conditioning tied to loss and loss can apply to anything & everything)

All of these energies stored within our energy fields have been energizing into our ethers for forever & it is something ancient & dominant in energy & ruling the underlying earthly energy that is a major influence in earths entire dynamics of operating systems that are conditioned into this 3D plane.

Whether one is aware and conscious of these energies it does not altar thee reality of its influence & existence that is powerful and directing with its force & motivators in many peoples lives. Most people through their conditioning tend to want to play things safe & by safe that means doing it their tried and true believed way - most keep to what they perceive to know.

Does this make it right ? Or comfortable ?

Imagine finally being able to abstractly Perceive other things

receive epiphanies

see with such clarity your own truth and wisdom

can you see thee WHOLE now ?

Abstract is thee forbidden romance that is beauty activating itself within ourselves. We become reactivated and activated only when sparked

What Sparks You Feel ?

LIFE Wants you to experience it living in your present being fully present - for this is your gift.

Enchanting Souls, With a paradigm flip of a switch you can breathe new life into your entire being & set yourself free (Peacefully) Allow yourself to choose for you based off of your idea of emotional fulfillment.

Our passions are thee real story lines that align and the fire that fuels us also sustains us.

What burns your soul to life ?

What or whom is the first thing you think about upon awakening & what or who is the last thing on your mind before you sleep and travel the astral realm ? Whatever your passions are and wherever you feel thee sparks - go there. Just follow your North Star - happy hour feels. One day out of No where (nowhere Is truly thee ethers - so it is somewhere actually - just etched into space) you’ll realize how far you have truly come and that Is thee story you share & you will happily do so &

your story will be rather remarkable and Amazing.

If there is one thing we can learn from our Squirrel Animal Friends it is to BELIEVE In yourself. Mighty is thee Squirrel in tune with its nuts. 🙃

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