On Being An Empath

Enchanting Souls, When in doubt, align & reign & feel your cosmic power of Empowerment. Rise in your glorious alignment. If you are an empath like me, then that means you’re extra sensitive to thee energies all around & that means that YOU FEEL the energies of others around you & if you are not careful and consciously AWARE at all times - it becomes easy to feed off of those energies and make thee mistake of interpreting them as your own. Or you are aware, but become affected / infected by all thee energies and many may not be so nice / good / or loving on you for your highest best and good. I know as an Empath, it can hurt to feel those secretive energies others pass off your way. I feel it all thee time. People pretend to like you or want thee best for you but deep down they harbor resentment, anger, jealousy, hate and even some that may not even be fully conscious to the toxicities they harbor inside of themselves. Now that doesn’t take away from the sucky feels these other energies reveal. I innerstand, for its been like this all of my life. As a young girl, I did not understand all of these energies and it took me a long time to figure out how to master deciphering and discernment. It’s not for you to point out all thee flaws & toxicities or for you to take it all so personally. That’s not your job. But what and whom you are responsible for is yourself ! So In all your magnificence, you tap into your glorious alignment - because these are your frequencies and vibrations. You raise your self awareness highest during all sensitive environments. Know not everyone can nor will be happy, kind, genuine, authentic & true to you. But if you are an EMPATH like me, than you have a super power that sees through all thee bullshit. See it for what it is & note to yourself for yourself. I FEEL these things all thee time & instead of getting sad although I can - I pray for US ALL. FIRST For myself! THEN for the energy that I am receiving from the person & KNOW that my prayer of EVOLUTION is enough to raise these vibrations & frequencies of healing & growth. KNOWING This #TRUTH, I CELEBRATE & continue to do as I do. So please BEAUTIFUL enchanting sensitive SOULS out there Shine - ALIGN - RISE in your reign anyways!!!

Be the change you desire to see in this world. As within exudes on out.

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Please NOTE edit done by me but photo credit goes to thee talented @finestdesignz

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