Mystical Elixirs NOW Available

For thee last month I have been excitedly building my

Mystical Elixirs

Divine T3A Alch3my

12 oz Quantum infusions

from scratch.

Although I have been making these divine teas for over 20 years, it is NOW for thee first time I am offering it PUBLICLY like this. As nervous as I am to send out thee first shipments of orders and subscriptions, it sure has been a lot of work putting it all together.

Moved by spirit, I was just advised to introduce it to thee public and see what kind of response I would receive & to my shocking SURPRISE, I was met with so much POSITIVE feedback, response and demand for my teas. Before I knew it, I SOLD out my first batch and had orders coming. Now, I have orders coming in with no bottles to send them out. As with anything and everything, I had to formulate a plan and get to ordering my DESIGN of bottles on such short notice.

Working under thee pressure works well for a LAVA sign like me. I call myself LAVA due to thee fact that in Western Astrology I am a Sagittarius and in Vedic Astrology, I am a Scorpio. This is why I do well under pressure due to many of my astrological infusions. Even though I am always super cute and fashionably late, I do feel a sense of being SUPER LATE in delivering my batches of teas this first time around.

LUCKILY, I have had thee HONOR to serve such BEAUTIFUL SOULS whom have patiently been waiting for their FIRST ORDERS for a couple of weeks. Not to worry, this weeks marks SHIPPING WEEK & THANKFUL I am to get to this FLOW part of thee divine tea cycle already. I am eager to point out that MOVING FORWARD there will be NO delay such as thee first set of orders that had to wait (due to not having thee teas of mine ready for distribution) because my FIRST in LINERS were soul good - I have added some extra goodies in their first shipment as my personal THANK YOU!

Spirit keeps showing me GLIMPSES into this divinely led, guided and protected JOURNEY of mine & I plan to SHARE so much information on here in regards to thee EVOLUTIONARY BUILDING of my ENCHANTING T3A SHOP online that has more than 12 oz Mystical elixirs to offer you.

As I continue to build this brand and share it public I excitedly present to you all of my Mystical Elixirs That are Divinely created and look forward to sharing all thee IMPORTANT BENEFITS of everything that is being offered to you now.

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