Musings With Enchantress Thee Babbler

What is it that you desire to know that only requires you to ask ? 

Ask & ye shall receive 

What kind of reading / channeling / intuitive guidance session do you desire to have with me ? All sessions are custom designed tailoring to every individual soul that enters this shrine that is magnificently divine.

Are you in need of some musings of inspirations ? Need someone to rehearse lines with you - go over documents with you ? Edit ? Proof read ? Did you need someone to Listen to you when you speak ?

Everything you desire to receive is on thee other side of your fears my dear that keep you hesitant to take action.

I know taking leaps of faith into your unknown might prove to be a challenge but oh so worthy of your satisfaction once you decide your course of alignment in truth with your actions.

What is it that you desire to know that only requires you to ask ? 

Ask & ye shall receive 

Do you desire a reading with me ?  Do you want to giggle with me? - my laughter is healing for you too !

What type of Energetic clearing / cleaning / revealing do you seek ? Reiki Master is I on this evolutionary rise that is operating from my most highest of divine potential.

Are you in need of an uplift / a pick me up / do you need to be cheered up ? I am that faery muse here to awaken you further to your majesty.

Do You need healing energies sent your way ? Do you need spiritual guidance in some way ? Many ways ? Coaching ? Direction ?

Would you love for me to create your own custom Crystal Energy Wand ? 

Do you need some shadow work healing ? Do you want some custom candle Work for you to cater to your healing needs ?

Do you need assistance with your creativity ? 

What is it that you need from me that I can happily assist you with ?  

I created the option of muse inspiration time with me in my list of services that is booked by thee hour - so please never hinder our flow with thinking sessions are not custom designed keeping you in mind. Our sessions are not ever just boxed in as a channeling, reading, intuitive guidance, coaching, energy work, body work or fitness session. It is everything all encompassing.

Book our time now

also inquire about any and all of my services by contacting me directly here or emailing me



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