Master Alchemy With Self Love

Be here now because later won’t be thee same!

Wrap yourself in self

Love every single awakening moment of your life so that when others deny you, or are not kind to you, you are then most loving & kind to yourself. There are many whom will lie to you & hurt you deeply. Forgive them & cut thee chord that attaches their hurt to you. It is never easy to show yourself devotion first but it’s necessary so that you may rise above all foolishness.

Saturated with Self Love you WILL see reality for what it is & accept it having first accepted yourself. Your self love reservoir is respect given to you by you. Everything outside of that is beyond your responsibility to control. With your self love on thee loose you won’t personalize others acts towards you & realize their behavior has nothing to do with you. We are all on levels that are unique & often not on thee same page as others. With divine love & sacred Confidence you shall still rise oh soul fine & happy to saturate in your own self love everytime. CHOOSE to be healthy in Love. CHOOSE instantly to move thee funk on from anything or anyone that energizes anything funky your way. Rise always. #Alchemist #Waves

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