In the eyes of Western Astrology for the Month of MARCH 2020 - specifically for today. You can EXPECT NEW ideas of inspirations to filter through your DNA gifting you with major epiphanies throughout your day. This is a harmonious time of loving supportive energies taking place. Mercury mingles with Uranus early this rising. The moon is in Creative Pisces and it is connecting with the Planet Venus & mystical Neptune, later this evening. With these energies intermingling it creates a most affectionate atmosphere that is Romantically inspiring. This is a good time for deepening your connections with intimate partners.

In the realm of Vedic Astrology the SUN is in Pisces today. When the Sun moved into Pisces on March 14 - April 14 we have planets in each consecutive sign starting with Jupiter, Mars & Ketu in Sagittarius & ending with Venus in Aries. This occurrence is called the "Graha Malika," which means the succession of planets in contiguous signs. This sequence can reveal events in one's life. Flow can be expected to be felt during this transitioning time period. Saturn is currently applying pressure to the Fishes in regards to possibly experiencing some frustrations with others due to timing. This can cause some delays to take place but overall it is a most positive transit to have influencing our energies at this time. Mars moves out of Sagittarius and is exalted in Capricorn as of March 21st. Mars and Saturn relationship is rather interesting due to their modes of operation that are completely different from one another. If these two can find harmony in their differences, they can move mountains together. Prepare for the NEW MOON in PISCES on March 24th & Venus transits TAURUS March 28th till August 1st.

Stay tuned for many more Cosmic Highlights to be shared, If you like these blog post make sure to be expressive with your love & support by being an active participant on here. Energies shared can be amplified with care.

Love, Abundance, Prosperity, Enlightenment, Encouragement, Joy, Peace, Success, Truth, Evolution, & alignment to YOU ALL.

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