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Lead thee Way

In the realm of dreams and endless skies,

A leader's spirit begins to rise.

A beacon of light, shining so bright,

Guiding others through the darkest night.

With courage as your trusted guide,

Inspire others to reach far and wide.

Show the world how to embrace their might,

And lead with kindness, shining so bright.

In every step, a lesson to share,

Helping others, showing them you care.

With open hearts, let empathy flow,

Together, we'll help the world to grow.

So step forward, take the lead,

Ignite the flame that others need.

You have the power to make a change,

To uplift, inspire, and rearrange.

Lead the way, with passion and grace,

Be the leader in life's every race.

For in helping others, we truly find,

A world united, where hearts entwine.

Poetry channeled thru Enchantress Thee Babbler

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