I am #Muted

We must be the change we desire to see in this world. #amplifymelanatedvoices

Wake Up this is a #rEVOLUTION

Don’t talk about it - be about it (it’s called vibrational frequencies) don’t fight about it - (create a solution) - don’t fight #war with #RAWR it keeps the old cycle of tyrannical abuse heavily active — instead let’s transmute all of these toxic energies with our own Raising of consciousness / awareness & shift the dynamics with wisdom for US all life is WORTHY of equality & unity is needed in the best way so we can Solutionize our #UNIFY no matter age, race, creed, deed, gender, color, or species !!! Thank you @alexa_emard for the added inspiration.

From my lips to gods ears may this energy heal and be cleared. Love and align to all

I will be muted on all my social media platforms moving forward from this post I am posting now only that which is relevant to right NOW along with the video I am uploading now on YouTube (unrelated) but this will be my first post on current issues till after JUNE 7th.

This doesn’t mean I will not be working because lots of my light work / shadow work involves using my social media platforms to connect with you all. I will still be available and working but I will not be posting about me and my business on these platforms till after the 7th.

I look forward to inviting you to a live ZOOM event I will be hosting every Sunday beginning June 14th.

Till we speak again my Beautiful soul Familia.

Stay safe


And no fighting war with rawr

If you want peace you have to be the peace

to Forgive is divine & you are divine !!

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