How To Deal With Triggers ? A Simple Tool for You to APPLY Now in Your Life!

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Here is a helpful mind tool for you to ACTIVATE & use whenever you need. Use this templates example in a way that works for you. I share these examples with you because they are tried & true & work wonderfully when actually applied. You can either follow thee exact template or feel inspired to create your own unique ritual that sparks your creativity from seeing this template example. We are here to elevate one another in full loving kindness & support.

It is nearly impossible to not be triggered in life - it happens to thee best of us. I am not exempt from this process either my dears... which is why I love my connection with thee divine whom inspires me all of thee time to create many wonderful mind, body, heart & soul creative things to share too with thee collective. I truly believe YOU thee reader here have something oh so unique & special about you that is wonderful too. I love learning about you & your divine gifts. So please feel free to comment & share - this is a wonderful safe community alchemizing harmonious vibes. Thee more we all contribute thee more we all contribute to thee collective & this is.a beautiful thing.

There are many things we can do to counteract triggers so please do understand that this is not thee only thing that should or could be done. There are so many things one can do in response to being triggered that promotes healthy mind, body, heart & soul unified behaviors to show up on behalf of our own avatars operating on this 3D plane of perceived existence. I am a rhetorical kind of Goddess & I pose many rhetoricals on my social media platforms. Rhetoricals can be like triggers too - so innerstand that this here is always going to be a healthy land dosing you with Quantum love that is evolutionary & revolutionary.

I am all for growth & expansion - it is why I do what I do and I love what I do. You being here means thee world to me. I appreciate you immensely for investing in our Infinite Abundance. Together, we shall rise! Your presence here motivates me to create and share more useful Alchemy Tools most beneficial to you - especially since there is no limit here on what we can further expand and do. I am honored to be of service in this creative functional way that allows me to artistically entertain in thee ways that I love fueling passions soul sweet. The wonderful thing about all of these USEFUL ALCHEMY TOOLS & extra goodies I create here JUST for you - are HIGHLY BENEFICIAL to you and oh so wonderfully proven to work in ways that go beyond what one would expect to receive in thee gifting receiving of thee quantum alignment and growth that takes place in between all thee details that make up all of our own experiences.

I will be sharing valuable information for you to ACTIVATE in your own align and you should FEEL excited about having these divination tools fully available to you for you to use as needed. BELIEVE when all things applied and are put to good use - there shall be POWERFUL EVOLUTION in you too. I am excited to grow this subscription feature on here too - because there is so much VALUE in this Light Code Activation Subscription being created here for all of US here to share. I am excited to share valuable information that have been very useful to me and many others.

Consider me your muse of Cheerleading Inspiration with lots of saSS & laughs

This is for Our evolution that is a revolution happening NOW.

Our time is always NOW

& I love being a conduit of creative healing for thee divine in this way & I am here to help in many awesome ways while also just being energetically supportive to you on your journey.

Breathing is so important. Our Breath gifts us LIFE & if we can learn to further process this phenomena this way - then maybe we will learn to pay more attention to this awesome involuntary and voluntary part of ourselves that is looking to be known better.

Seriously.... Breathing HELPS and if you disagree it is because you are NOT taking thee time necessary by you to give yourself thee time out you need to allow yourself to BREATHE.

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