ALCHEMY 101 For your MIND 


The way these affirmations activate & work is when YOU put in thee work & actually CREATE thee time needed to GIFT yourself thee wonderful OPPORTUNITIES that will come when you DECIDE to put in thee work & cast your EVOLUTIONARY SCRIPT into existence.  As you thinketh & speaketh is how you see it & so you shall feel & receive it in these ways.  Grow passed your limits & express yourself freely communicating thee divine direction that you seek and need.  When you align with your rhymes you use your own personal divination tool that is POWERFUL.  Your Voice is Powerful and so is your ENERGY & vibration.  This is why you CHOOSE to ignite your own passionate narratives into existence so that you may CReATE these experiences for yourself by speaking them into existence.  Sometimes we learn what we want most by experiencing its opposite experience first.  We learn through our experiences.

  CHOOSE to Speak Affirmations of POWER that UPLIFT you in ways that elevate and evolutionize your glorious reign right here on this 3D plane of existence.  Thee more you CREATE this sacred space of time for yourself you create more energy that matches the energy of experience you are creating on your own. Free Will teaches you that you are a gift to yourself when you do for yourself intentionally and purposefully. The more clear you get with what you want and thee more action you take  to WILL it and Speak it so that it may GROW - KNOW that all of this energy will FLOW for you in your own life experience.

CONSISTENCY is KEY to your NOW ACTIVATIONS that are QUANTUM to your elevations & MANIFESTATIONS.  


Do This Affirmation for thee Next 14 DAYS till thee NEW MOON OCTOBER 16Th 




RHETORICAL : How do you EXPECT to RECEIVE anything that you do not FEEL in energy and vibration? 

My Know It all Input: You put in thee work duhhhh! 

I love you I hope you Know this too - it is why I am here.  I do not speak these things just for thee heck of it - I share what I know from my own experiences and observations.  Spirit guides me to share in creative ways thee spiritualism of my ways.  Thankful I am to be able to communicate and share in this way.  

What has helped me in paradigm shifting my own worldview is thee quote "When you can not change thee reality of something- change your perception."  I always repeat this back to myself & I kid you not - I grow from this simple advice constantly.  Now it seems only practical to apply such wisdom regularly.  It is like you damn near better change thee perception because if YOU do NOT - than that means you are actively CHOOSING to remain stuck in energy that is not for you & completely beyond your control.  So snap out of it Goddess.  If you are a man, Snap out of it God.  You are made in thee Light of Creator source and so therefore you embody all elements of Source Creation.  This means you are far more than capable than you realize.  Try this next time you get stuck between a rock and a hard place.  Say this quote to yourself & than with an open heart to receive - Bring your situation to thee forefront & pray with clarity for clarity asking thee Divine to Bless you with Sacred eyes that see Truth in this reality and to open your heart to Receive thee download of inspiration & guided wisdom that is needed by you in order to SHIFT & rise above all things perceived - providing peaceful resolution for all involved.  When you do this - please KNOW that you will receive thee answers that you seek.  Ask & ye shall receive.    Allowing for your own evolution is fundamental to these level of developments.  Humans are here to learn their soul Called life.  We are souls having a human experience.  It is a challenging concept to conceive but allow for its inception to fertilize in your dna.  

Thank you Beautiful Soul.  You are Special and Amazing & I am thankful for your energetic contributions made to our collective whole.  Being thee example in this world of hard knocks & simpletons is no walk in thee park.  But thee fact that you are revolutionary souls here to thee rescue - this makes me Happy to continue to contribute to thee collective in the way that I do.  I love what I do & do what I love.  I hope these emails are helpful and inspiring to you.  May they further ignite your passions and assist you on your journey.  I look forward to always listening to all of your stories and learning more about your journey.  If there is anyone else that you know whom WILL benefit from thee Creative Healing I do then please do send them over to my website to join for free.  When they do they receive an oracle message from me.  Please be advised there is a wait list for thee oracles of New Members / Subscribers.  So if you are NEW here, WELCOME aboard.  I will definitely be sending you over your free oracle soon.  There is divine timing for everything.  

Also show your support on my Youtube Page - I am currently needing this support in growing my NEW channel.  When you show your support it allows for others to find me too & it also opens thee space for my Healing channel and works to spread collectively all around.  Instagram is another platform I use too so if you are not already following me over there - come and say hi.  Subscribe to my Enchanting Babble blog too.  There is a lot of revamping taking place on all platforms so make sure to stay in this loving align because you do not want to miss all thee wonderful things I am excitedly creating. 

I love what I do and do what I love - I create all of these free energy resources for you ALL to benefit from thee awesome energetic vibrations of alchemy these kind of tools will offer you when you choose to use them to your own liking. If you are reading this on my blog and are not yet a member - please do subscribe so you can receive first hand all of these lovely divination tools crafted just for you. All of my subscribers already received this Full Moon activation in their emails prior to thee full moon event. This can be you too when you officially sign up. It is absolutely free to join so do not be so knuckle heady and unresponsive. I am working on growing all of my social media channels and this blog here is one of them. So make sure to sure your love by clicking thee heart on this post and by sharing it with others whom you feel would love all of these things and BENEFIT joyously from these uplifting MUSE vibrations. I am thankful for each of you and look forward to connecting with each of you more and more and more.

Love and Align my Beautiful Enchanting Souls - Will you take thee 14 day Full Moon Challenge? Do let me know what you are working on this full moon so I may contribute to your energetic excitement brewing thee creations of your own manifestations co-creating with our universal wonderland.

Protect your energy fields because thee haters be for real wasting all of their energies on looking at what you are doing and sending bad juju your way. Know they're wickedness and slap it back to them with love.

There will be a $5.55 a month subscription where those whom sign up for this subscription will have exclusive access to Private postings that will be very intimate and Enchantingly BENEFICIAL. So make sure to check out thee EVOLVE WISE subscription plan and INVEST in your NOW right NOW!

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