G.O.D : The Queen & King Work As One

Working hard for the $$$

Things may not be as aligned as we would

Like them to be sometimes

But dedication to our own growth and working through all of these challenges during these times is fundamental to our evolution.

Learning to detach from the emotional stress of the work load that is currently taking place - it is how it needs to be done for now.

Even though this may not be Ideal & everything wanted at this time may still be in the works - I am cutting through all the bullshit with my sWORD of truth because I PROTECT all that matters to me and get out of my own way  & remove EVERY obstacle that stands in the way.

But in the meantime I am charging positively forward with passion, purpose, devotion, dedication, clear intentions and STRENGTH because I Am CLEAR with my CHOSEN path of ENLIGHTENMENT I feel guided to see through.

I Listen to MY HEART & FOLLOW my KNOWING. When I show my work, and align with my truth, other GIVE support. I receive the right kind of support for me when I align and match my truth with my passions creating my divine alchemy - a matching vibrational frequency.

My own energy alignment is up to me and the TRANSFORMATION I create during this transitional period in my life.

I am my own anchor holding my cup of love, I am LIGHT. Having my ABUNDANCE is my birthright. I choose to leap into the unknown knowing I am guided and protected on my life journey.

Passionate is I in love with my next steps

Chosen by me - cause I AM FREE !

I am KING & QUEEN Of my Castle & I know what I desire to inspire.

I CELEBRATE and welcome NEW energy into my

world & although challenging this retrograde period can be during this ending pandemic - I RISE In accordance to my divinity that is alchemy & everything I desire for myself & those I love.

Cheers to Our Love rEVOLUTION when different elements within join forces and self EMPOWER their ROYAL Alignments as one.  All messages are timeless & apply for whenever you align with this message. For personal readings please select which service you desire & book our awesome time together Now. enchantresstheebabbler.com


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