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Embracing Clarity and Renewal: A Steam Facial Journey into the New Year

Embracing Clarity and Renewal: A Steam Facial Journey into the New Year

As thee final hours of this year wind down, I find myself embracing many transformative rituals including this one here which is a steam facial on New Year’s Eve. It's more than a skincare routine for me it's a SYMBOLIC cleansing of mind, body, heart, & soul that is releasing thee accumulated impurities & toxicities of this past year.  I highly advise not just doing a steam facial once a year but quite often. 1-3x a week if you ask me. 

The Quantum Spiritual Symbology of Steam

In thee gentle embrace of this steam which is a water medium holy in its own I right, I sense thee ancient wisdom of love & renewal. It's as if each rising wisp carries away a fragment of thee old, worn & exhausted parts of myself that make room for thee fresh, vibrant energy of thee new year. This steam isn't just water vapor it is a mystical agent, a medium through which I undergo a profound purification & intimate ceremony. 

I love using Rumi’s Wisdom as a Guiding Light 🤍

In this moment of introspection gifting clarity, I recall thee words of Rumi: "The wound is the place where the Light enters you." I butchered this quote the other night while recording for my ENCHANTRESS THEE BABBLER’s YOUTUBE channel so as I write this I find myself giggling. Writing has always been a portal of channeling that thee divine enters through me beautifully & magically.  Anyhoo, this year had its wounds, its challenges, but as I allow thee steam to touch my face with its warm embrace, I FEEL thee LIGHT  of INNERSTANDING, UNDERSTANDING, OVERSTANDING with such light hearted compassion that is GROWTH & EVOLUTION entering ALL my healed spaces & places. 

Say it with me this Power Affirmation Activation & Decree

As thee steam dances around me, I affirm:

I release thee old & embrace thee new with clarity & strength. I am a vessel of light, love & INFINITE potential. As I step into thee new year I possess only what serves my highest good that is always & forever true. So mote it be so more it be. C’est la vie 

Here are some symbolic Rituals to INSPIRE within you a Fresh Start into your HAPPIEST NEW YEAR 🤍

As you seek to cleanse your own life & step into a new year of ABUNDANCE, POSITIVITY, ALIGNMENT, LOVE, HAPPINESS, WEALTH, HEALTH $ SUCCESS consider these symbolic actions important for you to take:

1. Writing and Burning: Write down thee fears, regrets, or pains of all your past especially from this year & safely burn thee paper, allowing thee flames symbolically to consume these burdens.


2. Nature Walks: Its a beautiful day in thee neighborhood to take a walk in nature on thee last day of thee year, envisioning each step as a movement away from thee past & towards a brighter future. If your neighborhood is not safe, go travel to one that is! 

3. Cleansing Baths: Immerse yourself in a bath with sea salts & lovely  essential oils, visualizing thee water drawing out ALL negativity & refreshing your spirit. When you’re done, watch it all go down thee drain. Say goodbye & good riddance. 

4. Meditation &  Reflection: Spend time in quiet reflection or meditation, focusing on your aspirations & intentions for your new year.

5. Creating a Vision Board: Craft a vision board that represents your hopes, dreams, & goals for thee upcoming year.

There are so many things that you can do these were just a few to spark your desires to aspire and achieve. Know what I mean jellybeans. 

Enter thee Portal of thee New Year as you DESIRE TO BE 🤍

As I conclude my steam facial ritual, I feel a sense of profound peace & readiness. I am NOW prepared to step through thee portal of My New Year, leaving behind all that does not serve me & entering a realm of fresh possibilities with AWESOME SAUCE new beginnings.

May your own rituals bring you clarity, joy, love, abundance & success ALWAYS & FOREVER

PS: This blog post aims to inspire & empower YOU on your journey of renewal & transformation as you welcome in your beautiful New Year. Make sure to like, comment, share & follow along. I appreciate you. Thank you 

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