Does My Life Have Room For more PLEASURE & Play ?

Updated: May 14, 2020

Why so serious ? What better time like now then to ease up on ourselves and simply allow ourselves the golden opportunity to feed ourselves the nourishments that we now realize we want, desire & need.

Are you embarking on a new journey that is on territory yet to be explored by you ? Are you still taking care of all business that is shifting and changing for you but still daunting and tiresome?

Are you celebrating the new sense of freedom and accomplishment you have already made up until this point of possible exhaustion or frustration?

Why does everything have to be taken so seriously ? Is it possible for you to let loose just a little bit in some arena of your life that you have been holding yourself back from ? Explore all your hold backs & be accountable for your truth that wants you to embrace its existence. Your truth shows up in various ways - one way that it shows up in is with your identifications of what you crave / desire / inspire / all of your cravings that you may deny yourself of having for whatever reasons.

Always get to know yourself best to innerstand your COSMIC blueprint and makeup.

Surrender to the idea that it is best to trust the process of alignment and simply allow for things to unfold naturally as they will without having Such energy levels of expectancy And control with every single aspect of your life that triggers you to have some type of worry or fear. This is all stemming from your human perspective fearing change, rejection, Loss of control & failure Of some kind.

It is time for you to surrender to the


so you may allow your own fullest potential to


& watch yourself


with every step you take Feel your alignment of truth.

Know that with every single process your evolution is guaranteed - but the duration of your trips & how long of a time you decide to spend in each stage is entirely up to you.

Ask yourself, is life happening to you or are is LIFE created through you ? It is up to you to pick and choose which perception of consciousness you pick and choose for yourself. What frequency and vibration is right now the one for you ? The vibration you select for yourself will live through you & will manifest into reality all the flavoring and seasoning you have added to your own mixture.

Do you get the bigger picture ?

It’s in what you choose to do for yourself that determines your every world of creation. How you see things, feel about things, act upon things should all match one another.

So tell me What is cooking good looking ?

The universal energies are Supportive to us during these pandemic times If we allow for our surrender to take place. This is not a rat race. Your ability to manifest what you truly want into tangible reality Can be most real! But know your TRUTH & ALIGN - which means you must get hip with your FEELINGS ! With lots of self reflection and honesty you can live, love and & create the world you desire to inspire.

CLARITY reigns SUPREME always!

Just let go of all that extra thinking & align with your own Prosperity which is your currency - AKA energy / frequency & vibrations.

Please be aware that what we know as thoughts - there are Many - and these thoughts also have thoughts & those thoughts too have minds of their own. These thoughts are like free radicals floating all about - and sometimes they like to attach themselves to a host for added dramatization / having an outlet for its own expression. This host being you & your energEric field - and how they find you is by sensing your energy with their energy to see if there is resonance and if there is resonance they attach themselves to an unsuspecting host & that is what we can visualize and understand as emerging thought like spirit Attachments.

Think about it the only way any Energy attachment outside of yourself can attach themselves unto you is that by sharing similar energetic frequencies.

So now that this just became clearer for you then you know what now to do - you must be super conscious and awakened to what is happening around you. Because when you know better you do best for yourself. Make the effort to SHIFT CONSCIOUSLY your own perceptions into healthy energies so unwelcome energies like these do not come around poking their attachments to you.

Any energy can’t thrive on barren soil.

it can’t attach itself to you & stay if it does not exist inside of you - and if it tries - you can starve it into metamorphosis.

What Soul action will you take today to better yourself in every kind of way ?

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