Do You FEEL Your SOULs Lover?

Our ability to listen Can be deep if we choose to tune into the frequencies of when our lovers vibe & send out signals To US every time. To know their shrine that intertwines with yours - is to share an intimate space with another because you CAN sense that they are authentically genuine too.

How powerful and empowering to align with your lover with divine purpose & discern well all external energies to be able to tell them apart & trust how you perceive your lover to feel about you.

Faith & Trust are quantum & surreal

& not the easiest to trust & feel secure about on this 3D realm.

There can never be any mistaking our Soul LOVERS purest of intentions if we are tuned into our own shrines.

We Can feel our Soul LOVERs ESSENCE all over our entire being. Our Soul Lovers we can FEEL multidimensionally deep. It is this SURREAL kind of FEELING that is REVEALING if we pay close attention to the messages being received by our own ability to look within.

If we are more than these bodies then what are we ? Whom is the part of ourselves that we can not see and only feel & know to be TRUTH? -

The invisible part of ourselves seem to know a lot more than the human side of ourselves even knows.

How do we blend our whole so we are one ?

Rhetoricals are always fun.

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