Adventure Awaits : Allow Your Passions to Show

All Oracles Received by you are timeless and revealing unto you whenever you are ready to receive its messages & guidance through your own synchronicity. Believe that is the way the divine operates in order to get your attention.

Adventure Awaits with this Romance Oracle Message awaiting for you to RECEIVE. Allow for your HEART to FEEL the PASSIONS burning inside of you that are Real. Is there some new passions burning in your mind, body, heart & soul?

ALLOW your heart & Soul to sing with joy!

Maybe you are embarking on a new PASSIONATE journey that is on unfamiliar territory. Do not allow for your thoughts to overthink this Passionate NEW BEGINNING by creating stumbling blocks that need not be in your energetic field. Remember shedding old skin can be rather alarming to our conditioned senses - but all the worth of work you are internally putting in for your eternal progress that is a process - it is showing up in supportive energies for you here on the external 3D lands.

Allow for Love to lead your way. It is safe for you to EXPRESS your passions to another. Do not hold back nor deny the feelings of passion you have growing inside.

NOW is the PERFECT time for Lovers to UNITE I. TRUTH & HONESTY. Expressing Passions does not declare that two must become lovers, partners, mates, or husband and wife. What it allows for in harmony is for the two to grow in their intimacy knowing they are in loving protective energies with one another.

ALLOW for your Passions to show.

Ask yourself, what PASSIONS are wishing to be ACKNOWLEDGED / EXPRESSED / SHARED by you ? Are you ALLOWING Yourself to live & LOVE free? What Passions do you birth into your world by breathing into it life ?

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