Excited is I for my very own first ever zoom meeting with all of you whom have signed up for my #FREE #AdvancedAlchemy soul session class. I am excited to share and align with you all and look forward to our time together. These classes will be held weekly to jump start our week ahead to motivate ourselves into majestic align because we desire to shine bright our light feeling oh so right. Please don’t be sad or discouraged if you didn’t make the cut this week - use that fuel to further inspire you to get moving on your earlier sign up for the next one. Until further notice these classes will be limited due to my extreme levels of energetic sensitivity and due to the line of work I do constantly I must be mindful of my own energetic fields. Alchemy is about taking care of yourself FIRST ! (self love is one of many keys needed in alchemy to breed successfully ) evolution with your own self honoring system that grows its bloom solidified in your truth felt inside of you . So if you did not get to sign up for the first one #KNOW every week you have a chance to SIGN up early enough to secure your spot. So kindly take advantage of this very insightful & inspiring Advanced Alchemy class that is being offered for FREE With limited spots available every single way. But there is tons of space for you to EVOLVE infusing this one of a kind Energy Healing class that will further enchant and enhance your focus on your evolution that you are responsible for alchemizing. This is your OPPORTUNITy To learn tips and tricks to alchemize in full align no matter the external stimuli. Rsvp Directly on my website :