This is a time of increased Activity - a circuitry in our chakras begin to SPARKLE. SPARKLY is this energy - so mote it be. This aligning within ourselves shall be felt by each of US in varying ways.

Pay attention to your ACTIVATING PlayStation. Like if you follow me on YOUTUBE too I keep talking about thee HEART CHAKRA ACTIVATIONS taking place at this time. I mention having actual pain in my chest area. So let us be mindful about how these extra levels of Powerful Energies that are no matter what INFLUENCING our entire energetic ethers that INFLUENCE us in every way, shape and form - whether or not we CHOOSE to ACKNOWLEDGE it for ourselves in our world. . There is a balancing of inner masculine and feminine energies taking place. This ideally is GREAT because as WITHIN exudes on out and that is HARMONY infusing within ourselves the much needed BALANCE between our feminine & masculine energies that each of US have.

Feel this vibe of align being highlighted at this time. Look around you - tell me what do you see ? Is everyone not a mirror for you to see clearest through? What part of your conditioned reality you are refusing to still acknowledge? Rise in your ALIGN at this time with FULL awareness to your stagnation of perception of conditioning perception - Understand thee Tower is here in regards to previous leading foundations running thee show - It is not enough anymore - so much so that it can no longer put the veil over many Beautiful SOULS AWAKENING at this time.

There are certain relationships being HIGHLIGHTED at this time for you in your life. (This merge is of course first beginning with YOU - thee you that is self)

You are thee BUTTERFLY emerging out of its cocoon. You are emerging and it is super cool - and things may feel like they are all still up in thee air - but you KNOW things are making better sense to you at this time & here you are getting hip to LIFE in our NOW time. Welcome! THis is indeed YOU ALLOWING for your TRUTH in your own PASSIONS to BURN you alive.

As within exudes on out. That is what OUR DISCOVERY is truly about.

we are souls having a HUMAN experience. Let us not get things too twisted. NOW is an EXCELLENT time stamp of a place to be.

Know what I mean Jellybeans? Most mundanes are stuck on other pages of past life sensations - stuck in their elevations - ,not even present to thee present & worrisome about some imagined predestined future that their energies help manifest and co-create when they choose not to rise above thee hype.

Let us BE CLEAR in our NOW stance and SPACE so we may ELEVATE

AFFIRM: I AM HARMONIZING WONDERFULLY WELL with my own DIVINE FEMININE & MASCULINE energies existing within & Solid in my stance I KNOW that as within exudes on out and CONSCIOUS is every part of what I am about. and enjoying this NOW moment too.

Thee Hanged Man depiction of surrender.

It is what comes to mind as I write these lines.

It is all about our SURRENDER to thee divine

that is always here - even when we are not.

((Side note kind of thing — if you do this kind of thing & you love thee practice part of swing - this is why I am also here too - to motivate and inspire you to follow your natural call - whatever your call is - I always welcome newbie tarot readers or those naturally inclined but never devoted any of their time - to please pull cards for I. Or pull cards for this group and share it here too. Whatever works for you. Yes please share your gifts. You never know whom needs to hear it. Always be glad for thee seeds that you plant - they are watered universally in every kind of way. Your beautiful contribution is needed. Thee more we put into practice thee act of which we desire to inspire - the greater thee discipline we build for ourselves in achieving thee transformation that we are believing and acting in alignment with - we choose to act on Our own behalf - because that is thee energy we are responsive and responsible for - let us be accountable too. Toxic things are ending in your life - CELEBRATE this victory even if It feels like a long uphill battle still to go - vibrate into your flow with what you know - and if you can’t change thee reality of something - you can shift your perception. many humans still be stubborn and rollercoaster of a ride becomes their life till they choose to align for themselves. You have to want to help yourself. You have to want what you want soul bad and then work at that.

This shift of evolution is here but you still might be dealing with some exiting debris. PATIENCE is all we need.

Beautiful Soul, Breathe & also please do take a bow - youre living like WOW - exploring your own YOUNIVERSAL wonderland. You working on your innerstand. I commend you for reaching into yourself for some more. That is thee Lions Gate Door of courage you are vibrating along with at this Special alignment of a time currently encouraging your life. That was a long side note. Enchantress Thee Babbler is my name & channeling my writing is my spiritual entertain I obtain and inner gain and enjoy in every kind of way.

ITS time to ACKNOWLEDGE how divinely special you really are & it’s time you see why others have held you down and back purposely for so long. But not anymore!

You have come such a long way. Let us celebrate.


In full alignment I see with such clarity that no bullshit can exist in my presence. I command it to flee. So mote bullshit to flee immediately. I decree this absolutely alignment and My truth so help me universal guides on this ride assisting me in love, peace and align. I reign free & supreme Serving what’s right and best for every beautiful soul evolving. .I Am thankful and so I celebrate feeling harmonious and unified. I love this birthright. .

SPEAK CLEARLY ok don’t let no cock blockers come in and get in the way. Attempting to navigate your system for their benefit - when reciprocity is key to everything. Speak into the ethers what your truth is - love, desire, devotions - your wants, requirements, purpose , truth again and personal needs. You are responsible for your own fulfillment - these things you marinate into the ethers and create for yourself.

Lions Gate Portal is a portal In servitude to its own purpose and part of this contributes to your NOW Blossoming that is becoming of you - these energies are encouraging you with positivity and its energies are protective too. Know this as absolute Truth.

Self Love is key to your mastery.

Affirmation: I love me accepting me whole.

Now carefully observe - do not always react and do not always take in thee feels - know your stance - know your deal - this is real & inspect For you so you can discover your true perception of this world and remove the self mask of denial or not wishing to deal - the conforming with the mundane population be Unreal -

Getting to know yourself should be fun -

see if everything you do is In alignment with you

listen to everything you say - is everything ok ?

question everything you think you believe, Is this how I really perceive things ? If so, why ? Why ? Why ?

Question Why you think how you think and where does this information originate from ? is this truth or hysteria or His Story / history ?

why do you set out to do anything you do - where does your drive come from ? Is it yours ? Is it your truth ? What does align with your truth about your reality of life, love, desire & wants ?


you feel your passions fueling inside - burning you alive ? Something you desire is screaming out at you ? sometimes we see it and know what it is & sometimes we just feel thee energy and try to track it down - but nowhere to be found.

What passions are you desiring to make come true so you receive well your now succeed ?

what do you believe ? Do you have all you need and have all you want ? Or are you focused on a tomorrow that never comes ? How about living and loving your now ?

Now is everything we have my


Rhetoricals are my favorite. I ask them all thee time. I need not know your answers - I only need to know mine - as you should learn yours!

Energize with all thee beneficial energies you choose to fuel up with as this lions Gate energetic portal is not here to discern it’s here to gift people what they’ve learned ! This will make some happy while others whatever.

listen up Now time is all we ever got. Meditate on that and be open for expansion. these energies can be challenging having you feeling like a double edged sword is carving into your skin writing its entire book on there - word for word.

your words / actions / energies seed into thee ethers your creations understood through your frequencies and vibrations. So be mindful to not create previous patterning and conditioning into your alignment.

This is a time of addressing behavioral patterns & dissecting them to innerstand them and now to FIX THEM. Fixing requires changes to be made and actions to be taken .

It’s time to BREAK FREE! There is a Lions Gate Portal Opening inviting you to TRUST this process and have FAITH. Fuel your tank from this energy that is existing on our lands all around. IT IS In thee palms of your hand asking you to stroke it nicely & lick it up. But you must SPELL YOUR WORDS with CLARITY into ACTUALITY by HAVING some mirror time with yourself Real Talk Activations. Alchemized Affirmations I create upon request for those in need of their own personalized Activation Affirmations. Visit my Shop online to get your own Lions Gate Activation Unique to your own blueprint.

Either way, what can I say, lots of free content and activations offered to all of you whom become thee white rabbit in Wonderland & finally take charge & go for your Grow because you GLOW!

Thank you so much for subscribing to my website. I appreciate each of you. Always check your inboxes too for special messages from me & not a robotic service. Every message I send to each of you is personalized for you and not recycled and shared. I love what I do and do what I love with absolute love and care.

Thank you 🔮

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