4 PLANETS in Retrograde : The ENERGIES ARE INTENSE ! Are You Ready For Your Major TRANSFORMATION?

Anytime a planet is retrograde, this is our golden opportunity to make Righteous for ourselves, in regards to our own alignment in life. The parts of our lives that are heavily influenced to transform for US are whichever department of life the planet moving in retrograde is in and HIGHLIGHTING for major evolution that affects our lives In every kind of way.

All of these Are being based off our Western Astrology system. On another post I will share Vedic Astrology’s view point. Both are equally important in my book.

And the Fourth Retrograde is Pluto but that has been in retrograde since December 2019.

So the FOUR PLANETS in retrograde are





If you are interested in learning more about these planets I have done some Youtube videos speaking about the influence in our collective and what it all means moving forward.

These are energies are INTENSE & so you may desire to be more in tune and aligned with these universal messages being gifted to you at this time.