These ENCHANTED CRYSTAL ENERGY WANDS are powerful, MAGICAL, ALCHEMICALLY POWERED & intention based with various crystal blends sealed in a convenient and easy-to-use glass vial. The mix of crystals inside this ENCHANTED wand have all been cleared, alchemically cleansed & infused with Reiki healing & quantum enchantments that have been made with ancestry guidance & divine guided intention  through love based vibes created by Thee Enchantress herself. Every Enchanted Crystal Energy Wand WILL enhance one's daily life in a multitude of ways helping to create crystal elixirs through this crystal gem water concoctions. These wands can also be laid on the body for reiki energy work, dream work, healing, invoking clear sight for insight and inspiration, color therapy, meditation, decorations and soul much more. These Enchanted Crystal wands can be used as a powerful magical divination tool along with crystal grids by strategically placing themIn your home, work, and everyday  surroundings or environment. These Enchanted Crystal Wands bring in thee energies of good health, SUCCESS, ABUNDANCE, love relationships, peace, clarity, PROTECTION & energetic chord cutting rituals. Whatever your current need - there is a wand for you to receive. Custom Enchanted Crystal Wands are also created upon request for Enchantress to Intuitively craft to meet your specific needs. 


Price Options
One-time purchase
$22.22monthly/ auto-renew
  • These are fragile glass vials that will be shipped with thee utmost care and respect for its sensitive contents.  If you have an issues with receiving your ENCHANTED CRYSTAL WANDS please contact me right away so we may resolve any and all issues.  Contact me directly at put in SUBJECT BOX of email : ENCHANTING SHIPMENTS


    When you RECEIVE these Wands please handle with care and immediately to ACTIVATE your charge with them Place them in a glass filled with Water for your own purification ritual purposes.  Please FOLLOW all instructions RECEIVED on how to HANDLE these PRECIOUS ENCHANTED Crystal WANDS so that you may use them to their FULL BENEFITS