CANDLES DRESSED & OILED to your Specific Needs. 

Affirmation Spell Included with purchase for candle activation. 

Kindly specify in  details  what you desire your candle(s) for so that I may channel & dress your candle appropriately JUST FOR YOU! If no details is offered your candle will be dressed accordingly to the selections you have chosen upon purchase which is just as good as it being custom tailored to your specifics. If you have any inquiries feel free to contact me so that I may service you best. 

NOTE these candles will be created on my end and burned on my own personal altar and I will document and track your candles progress and send you details about your candle burning ritual  upon its completion - this can take anywhere from 3-7 days dependent on its burning process. 

Thank you 

Please be advised this is NOT a shippable item so make sure to INCLUDE that at Checkout! Thank you kindly.

Candle Burning Ritual